Beverly Salmon

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, I work zealously to protect my clients from the indignities and loss of personal liberty that can result from criminal charges. I will meet with you, analyze your case, counsel you about your options, help you navigate the process and fight aggressively for the best result possible. I will listen to you and communicate with you at each stage of the representation.

After 25 years of experience as a criminal trial lawyer, I have earned a reputation as a fierce, tenacious and well-respected advocate in the courtroom. I graduated from the University of Maryland Law School in 1990 and have been a dedicated criminal trial lawyer since then. I have represented thousands of clients in every type of criminal case including Murder, Attempted Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping, Carjacking, Narcotics and Handgun Violations. I have challenged complex forensic evidence such as DNA, Autopsy Results, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and fingerprint evidence. I have tried over 100 jury trials and litigated countless pre-trial motions, most of which resulted in either acquittals or dismissals.

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